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What are Gainers?


Gainers (Mass Gainer or Weight Gainer or Weight Builder) are weight gaining supplements which are used to increase the calorie intake in order to increase muscle mass along with fat. This mixture includes Protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Ideally, a mass gainer’s expected proportion is 1:3 of protein and carbohydrates respectively. It also contains certain enzymes for digestion, creatine, BCAAs, glutamine and multivitamins which helps in the process of muscle building.

A weight gainer also allows for maintaining a high-calorie intake. It helps in the weight gaining process by providing calories from quality sources.

Which is the best mass gainer ?

Unfortunately we will disappoint you at this point, but at the same time we will also help you with your selection and show you what is important for a weight gainer. Often we get the requests with which weight gainers is the best for the customer and brings the best success. We are honest at this point and do not blindly recommend a product. Moreover, there are many factors that play a role in determining which weight gainer will work best for you:

Does the mass gainer suit your metabolism (soft gainer or  hard gainer) ?

How experienced is the athlete, does he need certain substances in the gainer such as added amino acids, long-chain  casein protein, 100% whey protein or creatine,  or does he just need concentrated calories?

What is your individual assessment of the product and how does it affect you?

This point needs further explanation, your personal assessment is very important to us, if you do not like a product, for example in terms of taste, then it does not help if it provides a good nutrient balance. In addition, products have a different effect in every metabolism.

This can also have various reasons:

1) Individual tolerance, how well does the product sit in the stomach?

2) Taste sensation

3) Different reactions to macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein

In a system as complex as humans, there are a multitude of influences that can determine individual tolerance. Even the preference for a certain brand can lead to the selection of the gainers or other supplements.

Every advanced and professional has gone this way and has tried different products over a long period of time. Over time you will find your favorite products, which you usually stay with for a long time.

Why use mass gainers?

  • Allows you to consume enough calories: To put on mass, the person should consume excess calories. Which means they must take more calories they are burning through the day. Mass Gainer helps by providing the required calorie. Some Mass gainers provide up to 1000 calories in one serving.
  • Contains Quality Macronutrients: Mass gainer consists of good quality macronutrients which helps in building lean muscles. Calories can rather be consumed by eating junk, or eating fried chicken can also help in increasing calorie intake but it also contains dirty fat which would not help in gaining lean muscles.
  • Other Essential Elements: Apart from calories, mass gainer also provides other elements like BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), Glutamine, Creatine, Glutamine etc. which helps in making a healthy and fit body.

How to use mass gainers?

Gainers do not have a defined dosage of any kind. Gainers, however, should only be consumed under the guidance of a nutritionist or a trainer. Moreover, follow the dosing instructions after carefully reading the label.

Where can I buy genuine mass gainers?

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