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What are Fat Burners?

In our size-obsessed culture, weight loss has become a major concern for most people. Some of the natural sources to burn fat are caffeine, green tea extract, protein supplements, soluble fiber supplements, and yohimbine. People try different things so as to lose weight and relying on supplements is a common option for many. That’s said, Fat burner, a type of weight loss supplement, is quite a popular nutrition supplement that helps to cut down the excessive fat in your body by increasing your metabolism, reducing fat absorption, or helping your body to burn more fat for fuel. However, Supplements are not some “magic pill” to solve your weight problems, but when combined with a healthy diet and required workout routine, they can surely help.

Some of the main ingredients used in a fat burner are designed to stimulate hormonal reactions in the body. They break down the fat and use it as a fuel source.

Maximum times, Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in a fat burner. It helps you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism and helping the body use fat for fuel. It also helps provide energy for exercise and other calorie-burning activities.

Why use Fat Burners?

As the name suggests, fat burner is used to cut down the excessive fats in your body and aid in weight loss. They do this by –

  • Increasing your metabolism, so you burn more calories.
  • Reducing the amount of fat your gut absorbs.
  • Helps to curb appetite, so you consume fewer calories, which will ultimately help in weight loss.
  • Boost energy
  • Promotes fat to be used as fuel

How to use a Fat Burner?

The best time to take your fat burner is before breakfast, more specifically 30 minutes before it or before your morning workout.  Taking it first thing in the morning will allow you to enhance your workout & will act as a kick start to your day.

For those who are sensitive towards stimulants, it’s recommended to take your supplement before midday, so your body has enough time to wind down before bedtime as the metabolism slows down when you’re asleep.

Many people think that taking more doses will help you to lose more weight or give you better results. But this is certainly not the case at all.  Start with taking low doses of it. Go through the serving guidelines/directions stated by the supplement manufacturers so you can be aware of measuring what amount is perfect for you. However, the best thing is to start with the lowest dose listed on the package and stay on it for at least two weeks. Later, you can determine if you want to increase it (only if listed on the packaging). If the fat burner lists only one serving size, don’t go above it.

Also, following a comprehensive training program along with nutrition and supplements is crucial to maximize fat loss & minimize muscle loss. Muscles play a major role when weight loss is the goal. It helps to burn calories, helps to keep your body in shape, and allows you to stay active. Also, eating the right amount of protein, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep will maximize the benefits of the supplement.

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