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Lose weight and gain muscle

Can I lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? Yes, you can Lose Weight and Gain Muscle but...However, this refers to the fact…

Can I lose weight and gain muscle at the same time?

Yes, you can Lose Weight and Gain Muscle but…
However, this refers to the fact that this process is only possible in a special constellation and only for a relatively short time. Before we deal with the situation in which this is possible, we will look at what has to happen in the body in order to cope with both processes.

What helps in muscle building?

Protein breakdown and protein synthesis take place in our body in a regular cycle. Protein breakdown is the conversion of muscle proteins into amino acids and peptides. Protein synthesis, in turn, is the conversion of amino acids and peptides into proteins. A balance between these two processes means standing still- there would be no progress. With advancing age, there is a very slow but continuous breakdown of muscle protein. So in order to achieve such a progress, muscle building, more protein synthesis has to take place than breakdown. Then the muscles will be able to grow.

What can I do for Muscle building?

Muscle tissue is metabolically expensive and a lot of energy is required to produce and maintain. The body must therefore be forced to do so. The best way to do this is through training. Setting a muscle stimulus ensures that the body has to adapt. So more weight and training volume create more muscles. The progressive overload, the ever increasing load, is the decisive point here. For these growth processes, your body must have enough raw material in the form of protein. Depending on the goal and the desired rate of build-up, the amount of protein required differs. Use the calorie calculator to calculate your needs.

Fat loss or Weight loss?

Fat loss is actually a very simple thing. It is not easy for most to master and is complicated by a lot of talk, but the principle is incredibly simple:

You have to consume fewer calories than you consume.

You must not:

  • Eat “clean”
  • eat lots of meals
  • avoid all carbohydrates
  • “Manipulate” hormones like insulin

Controlled studies have clearly shown that if a negative calorie balance is maintained, the body compensates for the lack of energy by breaking down muscle protein and oxidizing fat.

Now, in combination with resistance training and enough protein, you can minimize the breakdown of muscle protein. In order to still be adequately supplied with energy, your body only has to break down fat to a large extent. You burn fat – and with a negative energy balance you lose part of your body fat over the course of the day.

Fat loss and muscle building – at the same time

The internet is full of programs, pills, powders, and PDFs that lead you to believe that there is a specific way of combining these two factors. The truth is, you can only reach the state in which both processes work simultaneously – i.e. in parallel – under certain conditions for a limited period of time.

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You are new to training or have taken a very long break.

You have a significantly increased body fat percentage.

As long as there is no disorder, the hormonal environment in combination with training is very suitable for fat loss. Normally, the body always strives for a balanced body composition and ensures that you can reduce body fat relatively quickly, especially at the beginning. Of course, when you’re carrying very large amounts of body fat, you don’t notice it that much. Compared to someone with a balanced or moderately increased body fat percentage, however, you lose body fat faster.

As the percentage of body fat decreases, so does the rate of fat loss(Lose Weight and Gain Muscle). The other factor is building muscle. With a beginner, the body adapts the muscles very quickly to almost any stimulus. No matter how ill-conceived the plan and the progression, almost everything leads to progress. As soon as these advances, mocked by “noob gains”, have taken place, everything takes place more slowly. More planning and an adapted diet are necessary otherwise there will be stagnation and maybe even regression.

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