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Everyone is special and unique, they have very different, individual wishes. Just as unique as each of our customers are, just as unique are their special requirements for a protein supplement. That is why we, as a Genuine / original / brand authorized retailer and distributor for bodybuilding or weight loss supplements, we have got you covered for all your nutrition supplement need.  

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  1. Optimum Nutrition 
  2. Dymatize
  3. ProSupps 
  4. Ronnie Coleman 
  5. BSN
  6. Isopure
  7. Go Nutrition 
  8. Cellucor
  9. GAT Sport
  10. BPI Sports 

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When you buy a product from Body Fuel, does not matter from store or online, you are investing in the most trusted and genuine supplement distributor / retailer. Only a direct purchase from Body Fuel store or via our website guarantees that the products you have purchased are 100% genuine.

In simple terms: unauthorized dealers cause dissatisfied customers. Avoid buying through market place and other dealers who are not authorized by the brand. Even if the product looks exactly like a real product, there is no guarantee for these products purchased from them.

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We know it matters to you. When you pay for a product, you expect to get the best. Talking about consumables, like bodybuilding supplements, it matters all the more because a fake supplement causes more harm than a fake branded T-shirt. Check out the pictures below where we’ve shared information on how to and how not to identify a genuine seller and product so that you always make the right choice –

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Body Fuel is and ideal place to purchase your proteins / supplements. We believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that our customer gets 100% genuine and authentic product. All the products at are sourced only from the official importers and we are certified for distribution by them. Customer satisfaction being our main goal, we are always up for resolving your queries and keeping you posted with the best offers possible.

Whenever you order from us, you will always receive the product with the original importer sticker and its hologram along with its GST bill showcasing batch no. along with expiry date as well. Below are the details about the importers we procure from and their contact no., email id’s and website on which verification can be done wherever available.

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