Bpi Sports Essential Aminos Indian Manufacturing through Sigma Lifesciences –Plot 204, RSC 41, Borivali (West), Mumbai- 400092 (FSSAI Lic No.11517012000367) distributed in India by (FSSAI Lic No.11521000157) Intergrit earlier known as Pearl International.

The Company BPI Sports is laying low in the announcements of Indian manufacturing being started of BPI Sports Essential Aminos, Best Glutamine, BCAA & Multivitamin. Let’s see if the company shifts manufacturing of its other supplements to India.

Another thing that is to be looked upon is can BPI Sports maintain the same level & standards of the product which were earlier when imported to that of the Indian manufactured one. The packaging quality meanwhile doesn’t seem to conquest over the imported one (Pictures attached). Let’s wait & watch how the buyers respond to the major shift.

The new Packaging of BPI Sports Best Essential Essential Aminos manufactured in India doesn’t sport an additional importer label on the product but a scratch label is provided inside the lid. The manufacturer details, brand details, marketed by details all are now printed on the product label itself along with expiry & batch number which can be seen in the images attached below.

Will BPI Sports see a decline in sales/quality upon manufacturing in India will be seen in the coming months through the reviews and ratings of customers.



BPI Sports Starts Indian Manufacturing Of Best EAA, Body Fuel India


BPI Sports Starts Indian Manufacturing Of Best EAA, Body Fuel India ( how to verify)


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