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Do You Have to Starve To Lose Weight?

The calorie deficit, and why it shouldn't be too high. It should be known by now that you should consume less energy than you need…

The calorie deficit, and why it shouldn’t be too high.

It should be known by now that you should consume less energy than you need to lose weight or lose fat than Starve To Lose Weight. This is always referred to as a calorie deficit because calories are our unit of measure of energy that we put into the body and that we burn off. This calculating and counting calories has its own flaws and problems, but that will be the subject of another time.

Now it is often said that you should choose this very high calorie deficit in order to reduce fat or reduce it faster. The problem with this is that our body has different mechanisms to make us realize that it doesn’t think that’s that great. And for most people these mechanisms only really come to the fore when the calorie deficit is very high:

The body’s fat cells sound the alarm and release less leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger, sends signals to the brain. The less leptin is released, the less effective the fat burning is.

Your own appetite gets out of hand. Similar to leptin, there are hormones behind it, and you become an “I’m looking for food” machine

The body produces fewer enzymes such as lipase or lipoprotein lipase, which means that fat burning for energy production works less well.

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You’re more likely to lose muscles. The higher the deficit, the higher the likelihood of losing muscles, because then the training and nutrition should be almost perfect.

The body’s basal metabolic rate slows down a little. Often it is wrongly referred to as “falling asleep metabolism”, in fact only the basal metabolic rate is reduced, but the calorie consumption that one has through one’s own activities remains.

As you can see, these five points show that a lot happens in our body when we put such pressure on it. He will respond to it.

These points are also a reason why crash diets very often don’t work and / or a yo-yo effect occurs.


Avoid sticking to a high calorie deficit for too long. Adjust your diet exactly to your data (weight, height, age, lean body mass, etc.), always adjust your calories slightly downwards and increase your calorie consumption through activity; this can be exercise, a standing desk, walks, yoga, or other activities.

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