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Does protein make you fat? Can proteins be converted into fat?

Just as fat cannot be converted into muscle, the same way protein cannot be converted directly into fat. So you cannot get fat directly because…

Just as fat cannot be converted into muscle, the same way protein cannot be converted directly into fat. So you cannot get fat directly because of protein consumption but proteins can still make us fat indirectly, through gluconeogenesis. The complicated word “gluconeogenesis” describes the process in which proteins are converted into glucose, i.e. sugar. And as we all know, excess sugar can make us fat.

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that this is a very complex but also very interesting topic. In the next paragraph you will find out exactly how protein is broken down, absorbed, etc.

How protein makes you fat?

If we eat protein, these proteins are broken down in the stomach and converted into amino acids. These amino acids then come into a so-called amino acid pool, from where they are then available in the body for various metabolic processes. Among other things, also for muscle building.

If you eat a lot of proteins and you are also in excess of calories, the body can convert the unneeded proteins into glucose through gluconeogenesis. This also creates uric acid as a waste product, which is excreted in the urine by the kidneys. You should therefore drink a lot of water so that the kidneys are not unnecessarily stressed by the high protein consumption.

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Back to glucose, after the amino acids have been converted, it is either used to generate energy, i.e. burned by the body or stored in the glucose stores. Only when these glucose stores are full is glucose converted into fat and finally ends up in our fat deposits. So, this is the only way protein can make you fat.


Just keep an eye on the amount of protein which is required by your body depending upon your daily activities and body weight. This small look over it will help you limit the excess protein intake indeed keeping the fat away and them muscles swoler and harder.

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