Mass Gainer

Mass or Weight Gainer is a weight/mass gaining supplement which is used to increase the
calorie intake in order to increase muscle mass along with fat. This mixture
includes Protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Ideally, a mass gainer’s expected
proportion is 1:3 of protein and carbohydrates respectively. It also contains
certain enzymes for digestion, creatine, BCAAs, glutamine and multivitamins
which helps in the process of muscle building.

A weight/mass gainer allows for maintaining a high-calorie intake. It helps in the weight
gaining process by providing surplus calories from quality sources.

What are the benefits of Mass/Weight Gainer?

Allows you to consume enough calories: To put on mass, the person should consume excess calories. This means they must take more calories they are burning through the day. Mass Gainer
helps by providing the required surplus calories in a single shake/drink. Some
Mass gainers provide up to 1000 calories in one serving.

Contains Quality Macronutrients: Mass gainer consists of good quality macronutrients which help in building lean muscles. Calories can rather be consumed by eating junk, or
eating fried chicken can also help in increasing calorie intake but it also
contains dirty fat which would not help in gaining lean muscles.

Other Essential Elements: Apart from calories, mass gainers also provides other elements like BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), Glutamine, Creatine, Glutamine etc. which help in making a healthy and fit body.

Types of Mass Gainers/Weight Gainers

There are generally two types of mass/weight gainers based on the sources used to make them-

Vegetarian: Is entirely made from vegetarian sources like whey, soy, cocoa powder etc.

Non-Vegetarian: Contains non-veg sources like egg whites, egg albumin, tuna, etc.


If you are a hard gainer
or on the very skinny side, we’d suggest you go for mass gainer or switch to a
high protein gainer instead and then to whey, as it is hard to cope up with the
calorie surplus provided by gainers in a normal diet. You should observe for
pimples or any sort of issues faced while using these or indigestion.

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