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Why do we need fiber? Everyone always talks about eating fiber. How fiber is helpful for us? Which foods are good sources of fiber? Fiber…

Why do we need fiber?

Everyone always talks about eating fiber. How fiber is helpful for us? Which foods are good sources of fiber?

Fiber is productive in terms of health

You can find fiber in many foods. Examples include vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. But there is also a minimal amount of fiber in milk. They are indigestible food components that are mainly found in plant foods. They have often been claimed to be linked to lowering the risk of colon cancer, but no evidence was found in one study. Because of this, this claim remains debatable.

The fact is, however, that fiber contributes a large part to digestion due to its laxative effect. Since fiber clears your stomach properly, you can easily cure constipation by taking it. Consumption should also only take place to a sufficient extent.

Why do we need Fibre, Body Fuel India

Longer feeling of satiety

For athletes who are on a diet, fiber has the particular advantage that they satiate for longer. The fiber slows down gastric emptying – this makes you feel full longer.

It was found in the studies that an increase in the amount of fiber by 14g per day resulted in a 10% decrease in energy consumption. Although no calories were counted, this suggests that more fiber leads to better satiety. So if you eat the same amount of calories in your diet, but more fiber, you will be less hungry.

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Special features at a glance:

  • saturation
  • Slowing down of gastric emptying
  • glycemic control
  • Intestinal broom: cleansing effect

How Much Fiber Should You Consume?

According to the latest evidence, around 50g of fiber per day should be optimal. This is equivalent to the amount in the traditional African diet and would be twice the amount recommended. 25g is based on the amount needed to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Sufficient fiber also reduces the CRP value. The CRP value is a marker of inflammation and an independent predictor of heart health.

Our recommendation here is that you should consume at least 30g of fiber per day. 50g would be optimal, this can be an advantage in the diet. So far, there does not seem to be an upper limit. This is more in the individual nature of how far you can cope with your digestion (flatulence).

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