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“Fake” muscles from protein shakes, “Dabbe Waali Body”?

Of course the statement "Fake Muscles From Protein Supplements" does not make sense. If you want to build muscle, you have to consume higher amounts…

Of course the statement “Fake Muscles From Protein Supplements” does not make sense. If you want to build muscle, you have to consume higher amounts of protein than someone who does not do weight training. These proteins are the building blocks for the muscle to grow and become stronger.

The body normally gets protein from food. Protein shakes are also very good sources of protein for building muscle. These proteins are also obtained from food and have nothing to do with “fake” or “artificial” muscles.

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The reason for this blasphemy is because among a group of untrained people, a muscular body often looks “unnatural or fake”, while in reality is appealing and strong. So the statement of attaining “Fake Muscles From Protein Supplements” is a Myth.

So get this out of your head, and the nay sayers while keeping them protein shaking and you rolling 😉

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