Does Whey Protein Expire?

In this blog we’ll discuss about Does Whey Protein Expire but first “what is whey protein?”. Whey Protein is an essential supplement when it comes to muscle growth. It’s highly absorbent nature helps in consuming Whey protein as a direct source and gives us several other benefits apart from gaining muscles. Whey Protein Powders are made up of milk. A long process makes Whey Protein Powders storable and safe for consumption. And just like your can of milk or other food products, whey protein powders have an Expiry Date too.

However, whey protein powders can still be consumed after their due date, that is their ‘Best Before/Use by’ date. By the ‘Best Before/Use by Date’ written on your protein box, the company doesn’t give the guarantee of their product to remain in its best form after the due date, that means, the quality of whey protein would not be the same. The amount of protein from the blend starts decreasing after a point of time; it will start to lose its quality as it grows by age, just like a banana starts losing carbohydrates when it is kept for long and in the end, it only gets left with starch and sugars. You will notice slow recovery time from excercise after a point when it will start degrading or degrades.

Where/How to Store Whey Protein?

Although, the ageing of Whey Protein Powder can be sustained by storing it in a dry spot and suitable temperature (somewhere around 21 degrees C to 24 degrees C).

How to know when Whey Protein starts expiring/degrading?

Whey Protein Powders are less likely to have bacterial growth as they are less prone to moisture. Here are a few signs to know that your Whey Protein is turning bad or not consumable anymore:

  • Heavy Lumps in the Powder
  • Change in colour
  • Cardboard like taste (As the flavour tends to loose its existance)
  • Unusual Smell
  • Loss of Solubility

How long can protein powder be used/Does Whey Protein Expire?

As a rule, a newly purchased protein powder has an expiration date that is at least one year in the future. Each pack must also show a date. You can usually find it on the label or on the neck or at the bottom of the can. As with all foods, passing the date does not mean that the product is no longer good. No one will guarantee you that it is of the same quality as before and that it will not make you sick (neither will we).

Can expired Protein Powder cause harm to my health?

Whey Protein powder is a very dry product and therefore, less susceptible to spoilage. The proteins can lose their structure, which is not so bad, because our body breaks them down into building blocks, i.e. amino acids, in order to utilize them. Added flavours can evaporate and change the taste. Contained fats can go rancid. The biggest problem with perishability is in the case of fats. Even if they are only contained in a small part, rancid fat can be pretty nasty for the body.

Effect of storage conditions on Protein Powders


Protein powder must remain dry. Firstly, it clumps up and secondly, moisture offers microorganisms the opportunity to reproduce. Therefore always close the package well, if possible pay attention to low air humidity and never handle with wet spoons or other equipment in the powder.


Heat accelerates the course of all chemical processes and thus also the breakdown of the proteins and possible spoilage processes. However, you can store your protein powder at normal room temperature. If you can, put it in a cool place without direct sunlight.

Conclusion –

So for the conclusion to this blog “Does Whey Protein Expire?” there is no definite answer as the experience with protein powder that has passed its “expiry date” has been very different for every individual. While some have tolerated expired powder perfectly for two years and it still tasted normal, others taste a difference after two months above the date and give diarrhea. Here the respective product, individual sensitivity also plays a role. With just a few weeks beyond the best-before date, you have to be fortunate enough to go wrong. Here it is important to consider whether you want to take a risk or not, first you should take a close look at the powder, smell it once, then maybe try a small amount, check whether it tastes normal and you can tolerate it. If you’re still unsure, throw away the old stuff and get some new protein. Your health is still priceless and food poisoning can set you back enormously in your fitness goals. So if it tastes like cardboard, bin it.

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