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Do creatine and protein damage the kidneys?

Creatine and Protein damage Kidneys - It should be noted that the statements in this article refer to healthy people without previous kidney disease, whoever…

Creatine and Protein damage Kidneys – It should be noted that the statements in this article refer to healthy people without previous kidney disease, whoever has kidney problems in close relatives belongs to the group of people with a higher risk of kidney disease.

Does protein affect kidney function?

Protein does affect the function of your kidneys, they are more stressed because they have to filter more, the filtration performance increases with high protein consumption.

However, this is a normal adjustment process that is not a risk factor for you. Your kidneys adapt to this additional load, like your muscles to more weight, so it is not harmful to your kidneys.

However, constant fluctuations in protein intake simply mean more adjustment, and so a tendency to keep protein intake at a steady level. Of course, as a person who is active in sports, you should continue to make sure that you have enough fluids so that your kidneys are flushed well and can always serve you well. If you have had kidney disease in your close relatives, we recommend that you consult with a doctor you trust.

In order to avoid unnecessarily high protein consumption, simply stick to the values ​​that are recommended by calorie calculator for the various phases such as muscle building or diet.

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Does creatine affect the kidneys?

Now we come to creatine, one of the most widely used but also most researched dietary supplements.

In the case of creatine, too, we can affirm that it has things to do with kidney function. Here, too, the studies gives us the opportunity to give a clear answer. There are both long-term and short-term studies, studies on athletes and even on a person with only one functioning kidney. All of these studies come to the same conclusion:

There is no reason not to supplement creatine for fear of kidney overload. In all studies, the kidneys had no problems with their filter performance and their performance corresponded to that of the placebo group.

Conclusion on: Do creatine and protein damage the kidneys?

Both protein and creatine do NOT damage your kidneys. High protein and creatine consumption has been extensively researched and is not a problem at all for people with healthy kidneys. If kidney problems have already arisen in close relatives, a doctor’s examination would be advisable.

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