Are Pre-workouts necessary for your training?

Pre-workout supplements contain all of the ingredients that people take with the sole goal of making their workouts more effective. The name literally means that you do something before a training session, game or match

Who should or should not use the Pre-workout supplements?

If you’re just going to the gym to sweat a little, a pre-workout can’t be of much benefit. However, if you’re someone who wants to turn serious workouts into serious results, a pre-workout can help. For example, let’s say you have four weeks ahead of shortcut-to-shred program, and you know you need a boost to get through a day of cardiac acceleration. You are hungry and sore, but you need to finish training! This is the mindset that leads many to pre-workout for the first time.

Anyone in need of an energy boost at the gym or with ambitious PR in their sights is the prime candidate for a pre-workout supplement. With the best preparation in your gym bag, the best benefits will be achieved over time through consistent exercise, continued use, adequate nutrition, and adequate rest and recovery.

Knowing that you are highly caffeine sensitive can benefit you more from a low-stimulant or stimulant-free pre-workout. Because many pre-workouts contain stimulants, some of which contain many stimulants, first check with your doctor to see if you have any health conditions that could lead to side effects.

Which pre-workouts really work?

Already with the packaging and the colorful labels of the cans, their bright colors, the aggressive logos and above all with the incredible names, the manufacturers of the pre-workouts want us to believe that everyone becomes a beast during training.

And that is precisely where the difficulty lies: What effect can you expect from a pre-workout ?

The most important information in advance: ALL pre-workouts work! Some more, some less.

How do pre-workouts work?

Most of them generate the so-called “push effect” and the strong energy that literally pulls you into training because of the stimulants they contain, such as. Caffeine, synephrine and various tea extracts.

The effect of caffeine should be clear to anyone who has tried coffee or an energy drink.

Synephrine (bitter orange peel extract) is used as a metabolism-stimulating and performance-enhancing agent, accelerates the pulse and heartbeat and can even help you in a diet phase. Synephrine is often used as a substitute for ephedrine in the USA, for example.

Very often proteins are still in the form of concentrated and isolated amino acids such as ß-alanine, L-arginine and tyrosine.

These amino acids all have their own positive effects on our feeling during training, our focus, our strength during training and on regeneration after training. The actual muscle growth takes place during recovery.

Anyone who has ever taken ß-alanine, whether in a training booster or as an individual product, will no longer want to miss the tingling sensation and the increase in strength with constant use.

L-arginine in a pre-workout or individually has effect of the increased blood circulation effect during training.

Of course, one of the most well-known substances in bodybuilding – creatine – for increasing strength and building mass should not be missing in most pre-workouts .

What is the right dosage for pre-workouts?

Every athlete should find out for himself the optimal composition of the pre-workout and its correct dosage. The only thing that helps is trying & trying until you have found the pre-workout that offers the best effect for you. Because in addition to the “receptivity” and tolerance for the various ingredients and stimulants (such as caffeine), the effect often also depends on your daily form. If you can assess yourself well, if you know your limits during training, if you want to test new limits and if you use the booster responsibly, training boosters can be a great addition to training. They are really fun and it is amazing what kind of focus and power there is sometimes where it would have ended long ago.

Important tips for beginners before taking pre-workouts

For beginners, we can only recommend starting with a low dose of a pre-workout and always slowly approaching the specified maximum daily dose. You should never exceed the maximum dose and do not mix different pre-workouts!

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